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New GTM Classes Added for 2019 China GT


China GT will start a new category, the GTM Class, alongside the original GT3, GTC and GT4 trifecta. This class is set up to include FIA homologated GT3 spec car from 2014 or before.

Competitors in the GTM class will be racing alongside GT3 and GTC rivals, and full season entrants will be eligible for championship points and prize money (more on that to come). This class is open to AM/AM pairings only.

If you happen to have an older generation GT3 car sitting in your garage, why not take it out for a spin with us?

Contact China GT secretariat for more information.


The opening rounds of the 2019 China GT will commence on 15-17 March 2019 at the Sepang International Circuit. Please follow China GT official facebook (@ChinaGTChampionship) and instagram (@chinagtchampionship) to stay updated. 

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